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Connecting with your HEART - Palma de Mallorca*

Experience the power and the wisdom of your Heart. Developing trust in your own capacity to lead yourself towards a deeply fulfilled and most joyful and meaningful life.
Come as you are. No prior knowledge needed. Please sign up
ZUNRAY yoga studio, Carrer de Sant Feliu 17, 07012 Palma
Sundays: 20 October, 17 November, 15 Dezember 2019
19:00-20:15h, 15 €


Heart Path Realignment Process

4-day individual retreat - Palma de Mallorca*

Allow healing, divine order and the deep joy of following your inner calling and its unfoldment in your life.

HPRP 4-day individual retreat offers you the rare opportunity to withdraw from your everyday life, making space to exclusively listen to your heart and souls voice. Explore and find the hidden places, your precious gifts. Letting go of the old and align with what brings more harmony, peace and abundance into your life.

To make your arrangement and for more information please contact me.

Heart Path Realignment Process Retreat

Dates in 2019: March 22-26, April 24-28, May 23-27, July 11-16, August 14-19, September 12-17

Sessions available in English and German.
Further information about Heart Path Realignment Process you can find HERE.

*Note: If you want to have this retreat in your town, you can ask for personalized arrangements.


The privilege to be a human being – becoming present to all aspects of life

Healing with the 7 energy centers

Sequence of 8 modules starting 2016 autumn till 2019 spring.

The longing for existence, joining the adventurous, exciting, mysterious, .... pure love for life, co-creating in alignment with the divine, accomplishing for what we came for, celebrating life through our existence, meeting with loved ones and growing together,.... all of these might be aspects which ultimately brought us into this form, onto this plane. Yet our experience can differ widely and life might feel instead more like a duty, a strain or we may miss the spark that we are, intuitively sensing there's much more that life is holding available for us.


root chakra

Here you can find the information about the workshops offered in German language.