Marion Pierschkalla

Psychotherapy · Trauma Therapy
· Energetic Process Work

Office Hours

Berlin and Graz

Office Hours in Berlin

Monday till Wednesday at 9:00-18.00 and upon consultation.
Please call +49 151 4344 2014 or email me for scheduling your appointment.

Office Hours in Graz

I am also available each month for sessions in Graz. 

Mo, Jan. 14th - Thu, Jan. 17th
Wed, Feb. 13th - Fri, Feb. 15th
Mo, March. 11th - Wed, March 13th
Tue, Apr. 9th - Thu, Apr. 11th
Tue, May 7th - Thu, May 9th
Tue, June 4th - Thu, June 6th 

Please call +43 664 912 26 26 or email me for scheduling your appointment.

Office Hours (Retreats and individual Sessions) Palma de Mallorca

Fri, Mar. 22nd - Tue, Mar. 26nd
Wed, Apr. 24th - Sun, Apr. 28th 
Thu, May 23rd - Mo, May 27th
Thu, July 11th - Tue, July 16th
Wed, Aug. 14th - Mon, Aug. 19th
Thu, Sep. 12th - Tue, Sep. 17th

Please call +49 151 4344 2014 or email me for further information or scheduling your appointment.

Phone & Skype Sessions

You don't want to spend a long time travelling, are busy during the office time, or you prefer to stay at home in your familiar environment? Please call or email me for scheduling a phone- or skype session at any time.

For inquiry on phone

Also, you can reach me on the phone once per week. During this time, I am available in person and without any obligation on your part for answering whatever questions you might have.
Call wednesdays from 8:15 a.m. – 8:45 a.m.
Telephone: +49 151 4344 2014