Marion Pierschkalla

Body-Mind Therapy · Coaching · SE®-Trauma-Therapy

Brennan Integration Work

An in-depth application of Barbara Brennan's energetic work can be found in process-oriented work. The latter helps us shine a light upon specific individual links and the dynamics of the processes going on in our mind and soul or those of a physical nature or to track them respectively.

Everything starts with our body. And since this is where we experience things, including an increased awareness and potential changes, the Brennan Integration Work® is an approach with a stronger focus on body awareness and sensing our body while going through emotional and psychological experiences. This way of tracking can help us identify the drivers behind all kinds of moods, sensations and emotions and will lead to a broader understanding, turning cognitive knowledge into felt-sense recognition.

It is exactly this kind of recognizing connections and this type of direct experience which help us get in touch with that part of us from which the movement towards healing and the change we long to see can arise.
This work enables us to access our innate transformation potential which we can access in every single moment.

The basis of the Brennan Integration Work® is its unique approach which consists in bringing the body, the mind and the soul together while being held in a 4-dimensional model (the physical body, the auric level, the hara level, the core star level). It also includes body-oriented (Susan Aposhyan: Body-Mind Psychotherapy, Eugene Gendlin: Focusing) as well as psychotherapeutic approaches (Louis Ormont and Irvin Yalom).