Marion Pierschkalla

Body-Mind Therapy · Coaching · SE®-Trauma-Therapy


The themes that make us seek counsel or which make consultation worthwhile can be as diverse as the individuals involved.

Counselling supports a person in establishing a connection with the theme he or she wishes to explore in the course of a dialogue. It will help you establish a realistic assessment and perception of your own situation.

Only if we are aware of where we are, we can deliberately choose change.
Counselling reminds us of our own resources and makes them stand out clearly. It helps us to develop the capacity to allow for inner transformation and to respond to the known with new ways of acting.

Counselling is an option whenever we would like to see change or whenever change is what life requires us to undergo, whether associated with our career, with our separation from a loved one, death, a recent crisis related to our life purpose, the occurrence of physical symptoms or a sudden illness. Perhaps this is the type of situation when we find ourselves trying to establish a new way to address challenging life situations or life situations which got bogged down. Or maybe we are simply longing for personal growth and inspiration.

My work is based on the client-centered approach established by Carl Rogers, complemented by tools related to creative-artistic, body-oriented and energetic perspectives.