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What are you longing for?

Individual sessions and more

Special Offer 
Receive 3 free* Coaching Sessions (each 50-60 min.): 
Moving towards Self-Empowerment 
and what's most attracting for you in your life
1 session in-person + 2 sessions (online), all booked within a month 
The offer is valid till the end of August. 
4 spaces available per month. 
*room-rent 15€
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A loving connection with yourself and others?
Finding deeper meaning in life?
Leading your life from a place of integrity and truth?
Bringing clarity to a situation you’re struggling with?
Eliminate obstacles being in the way of your dreams?

Your are here to create all of this and much more.
There is always a next step you can take.

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Sessions available in English and German.
ZUNRAY yoga studio
Carrer de Sant Feliu 17, 07012 Palma

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