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Brennan Healing Science

Working with the human energy field

Brennan Healing Science® is a gentle and at the same time powerful energy modality which accesses the human energy field and the consciousness it houses. It is based on the assumption that the energy field which comprises our emotional, mental/spiritual and physiological aspects is the basis of our body and our physical wellbeing. Any disturbance in our energy flow will have an impact on our general wellbeing, e. g. our way of thinking and perceiving things and even our physical condition. Chronically held blocks ultimately have the potential to manifest as diseases. Balance and being in the flow, on the other hand, open the door to health and a greater sense of wellbeing.

In this context, sessions are used to purify, clear and charge the individual levels of a field, which in turn can dissolve any existing blocks. There is a large spectrum of energy techniques which can be applied for this purpose, depending on what is needed in order to promote wholeness at any given time.

I also serve as a facilitator for individuals affected by physical conditions as well as during the preparation and follow-up of surgical interventions. In doing so, I support the mental-spiritual connection or the deeper purpose of the disease process. This in turn will make it easier for you to access your own self-healing capacity and will support you in playing an active part in your own recovery.

Barbara Brennanis an internationally recognized healer, teacher and author. Originally a researcher, she worked together with Alexander Lowen as well as with John and Eva Pierrakos and subsequently founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing®. Her work represents a unique approach to working with the human energy field – an approach which supports and promotes cooperation between patients, physicians and energy workers in a holistic sense. As of today, Barbara Brennan's work has come to be taught in North America, Europe, and Japan.