Marion Pierschkalla

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Heart-Path Realignment

4-day Intensive

This in-depth clearing process provides you with an opportunity to face yourself as well as elements of your awareness which you might not pay attention to in your daily live:

Things such as experiences from your earliest childhood or from the time before your birth, from former lifetimes or other forms of existence, encounters with your spirit guides, glimpses of your life plan, etc.. More than anything else, however, it is about conscious soul-searching and about the place you grant the voice of your heart or the voice of your rational mind inside of you respectively. All this supports you in looking at your present lifetime including its challenges from a broader perspective. Bringing conscious awareness into your experience may initiate positive change and transformation. Which in turn helps you sort out and clear your past in order to be in the presence of your life and feel fulfilled. A 4-day process is usually experienced as a way to support profound changes in our own life or to reshape our life in a way which makes it more fulfilling and coming from a place which enables us to see more clearly.

Silvana Pagani is a teacher, author and healer. She is the founder of the Heart-Path® Retreat Center in NM, USA.