Marion Pierschkalla

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SE - Somatic Experiencing

Working with shock and trauma

Trauma is a natural component of our life.

A trauma comes into being if we come into a situation which is overwhelming to us (for example an accident, transgressions in interpersonal relations, difficulties before and during birth etc.).

Within us a sense of being threatened as well as impulses to escape, combat, or defend arise which we are unable to respond appropriately. Instead of they are frozen and the bound energy remains in the organism.
The resulting trauma symptoms can be: anxiety disorders a feeling of determination from outside, dysfunctions, social withdrawal and isolation, the feeling of being permanently over challenged and the like. SE® turns to account our natural ability to regulate and assists among other things, by work with your resources to resolve trauma symptoms and to discharge and integrate the high energy at hand.

SE® is a body-awareness and non-regressive approach to overcome and integrate the effects of shock and trauma. It was founded and developed by Dr. Peter Levine.